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Actual News

Well, the one event that's still on my lips after almost a week of it having occurred was winning $250 at my local pub trivia night. If you want to play a little Jeopardy, here's the answers: Althorpe Park, Najaf and Glandular Fever. Which lead me to my next not-so-debilitating dilemma - what to spend it on? Obviously it was going straight to the US and A fund, but a nice something to celebrate the chance of the win (as opposed to the "skill") was in order. Thanks to Shai, he alerted me that Readings, a local bookstore has hard-cover copies of my beloved Science and Sanity for sale at reasonable prices, unlike the tear-inducing exchange rate. (61AUc = $1USD, natch.) I have to go to work tomorrow. Isn't playing the work-for-money game just so damned fun?

Although, I do have to give credit to my tutor for shouting our class two rounds of tequila shots. That was awesome. Especially showing up half-pissed to the Buzz Birthday dinner. That was also cool. I guess last Thursday was just an all-round party for me...


In Defence of Capitalism

First Strike:
Boss: "I hate darning clothes."
Me: "So would I, if I lived in the nineteenth century."
B: "Why, what do you do with your clothes when they get torn?"
Me: "I buy new ones? Mass production for the win!"

Secondary Effects:
Nat: "When guys buy me drinks, they expect something in return."
Me: "I say you should welcome them to poon capitalism. They expect poon socialism but that's just not happening. Not now, not ever."

Oh, and my theory on the correlation between the quality of Celtic style music and the distance between the place of production and Ireland has been validated once again by the haunting, yet exquisitely crafted Slania by SWISS metallers Eluveitie.


My Old Shows #1 - Split Infinities

When I was younger, I had many ideas for shitty shows. Here is the first in a line of shows that I present to you, the blogtastic public. Please don't say it sounds like "Sliding Doors" or I will cut you, cut you good.

Title: Split Infinities
Status: Treatment stage
Completion: Probably never

Imagine if you made a decision that affected the rest of your life? What about one that affected the next half an hour? Split Infinities explores the funny and remarkable side of everyday decisions – do I go to work or stay at home? Go to a wild party or a quiet night at the pub? Take your mother’s or girlfriend’s side in a family argument?

Endless possibilities are thrown up and played out by hapless and mostly cynical university graduate, David, who is earning a PhD in a field his tutors think is preposterous (but haven’t the heart to tell him) that makes his decision based on an issue, problem or simple daily choice. Set in a suburban town adjacent to a cosmopolitan city, it will explore modern, young people in an increasingly twisted and sarcastic world of their own creation. Typically, two scenarios will be presented in each episode and will look at how his decision affects his world around him. Alternate history plays a large part in Split Infinities, as observational and incisive references to popular culture and world events are also presented in a “what if” fashion in an alternate timeline. The narrative will be non-linear, showing the immediate ending first and replaying his original decisions’ timeline contrasted with a different scenario. The truth of the matter is that sometimes there just is no right decision.

Main supporting characters will be drawn from his eccentric friends including a headstrong ex-girlfriend that moves on in word but not quite in deed, his best school chum with a delicate handle on reality and Tom, a vagabond scriptwriter will play as a slightly exaggerated caricature of the writer of this show, to add realism and to break the fourth wall in a quirky fashion.


An Open Letter to The United States of America

Dear President Bush, "Shadow" President Cheney, Members of the House, Senators, the General Electric Company, the seven million people who work at Starbucks (probably);

After viewing your "adaptation" of our beloved and multi-award winning reflection on the very unique - quite frankly, inimitable - Australian bogan culture Kath and Kim, the people of Australia would like to issue this response.




I had an eventful weekend that saw me interacting with human people. Here's a rundown:

1. Friday nite at Rae's - always fun. I watched the most insane anime I've ever seen. Half self-reflexive parody and half-"nonsense" style sitcom (think Stephen Chow) that features a rag-tag band of pint-sized yet supaa kawaii alien invaders attempt to take over the planet...when they're not running into mischief and making Gundam models. Kris' new computer was very, very drool worthy. Thanks to Dean for reminding me about the new Cynic's brilliant.

2. A weird night at Hill and Boya's birthday. Lots of drinking and smoking to be had, but some very intense conversations ensued. It felt like I was in a Tarantino film.

I remember having some fantastic philosophical thought on the weekend, but forgot the point of it. I think it was something to do with not sleeping with the town bike and if that makes you unpopular yet unique, but if it had any mention of that in it, its doubtful that I had anything meaningful to say.

Oh, and the ending credits to "Keroro Gunsou" is, like, the funkiest shit ever!