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Retire Already

I did my interview with the intriguing Bob Schmidt of Flogging Molly. Nice bloke, a man of passion and conviction. I should be doing my write up soon.

Last night, my old mate Catchy (who is also embarking on a personal development project akin to my own) took me to the Comics Lounge. I have never seen such a thorough validation of the question: "If you put a hack in a comedy club, does that make him a comic?" I revile snobbery, but this performance was so intellectually dim, it actually laid my critical faculties into dormancy.

Russell Gilbert was the emcee for the night. Completely and utterly loathsome, his attempted quick-witted observations were merely statements of fact glossed over with puerile semi-shocking antics, making him seem all the more desperate for a laugh. He recycled moribund material, expecting us not to know any better, and when murmurs indicated imminent tanking, he resorted to shoving cigarettes up his nose. A truly crass and horrible man. He even hugged me. I can't wash the stain of his cigarette-tarred breath from my mind. The only standout was an Indonesian comic who was the only one that didn't devolve into dick jokes or cliche for a quick laugh. I said to Catch after the show, "If that girl took you up on that date (I was his backup, you see) she would never ever talk to you again."

According to the website, Russell Gilbert is:

"[I]s one of the country’s hardest-working comedians. The veteran star of television, radio and stand-up comedy is always switched on, upbeat and effervescent when it comes to performing – and is excited about taking a leap into the singing arena."

I can assure you, he is none of those things. I am very much looking forward to the Comedy Festival this year. You know, because I know whoever I'll end up seeing will actually be funny.


Flogging Who?

I'm interviewing Flogging Molly on Friday. Which is great. But what should I ask them?

Also picked up Steps to an Ecology of Mind by Gregory Bateson. He studied as a Korzybski influenced Anthropologist, psychologist, evolutionary biologist and epistemologist. Apparently there's nothing he couldn't do - well, attempt, at any rate.

Might be joining this cult-like AIESEC organization, apparently geared towards "unlocking potential" and "personal development." Some of their members' knowledge of influence techniques was impressive. If its free, how bad could it be?


Step Up And Leap

Just had to make a post on February 29. Just had to. What will I write? Something witty I said during the n00b-O-thon otherwise known as Melbourne Uni O-Week. I wish I was less sick so I can pull myself out of this downtime I'm sort of (not) experiencing...

"n00b Student: Why did you study Arts?

Me: Well, I could never submit myself to the scientific method. As a writer, I can make words and language my bitch. In maths, you're maths' bitch, and you have to sit there and take it no matter what."



I bought Struttin' by The Meters as on a re-issued vinyl today. I finally have dirty, funky and soulful gettin' it on music that isn't Lordi, for once.

Oh, and the new Ayreon blows everything else away, too! Gildenlow, Kursch, Englund and Renske over TWO progariffic could just crack my yet to be definitive Top 10. Really!


Liberation is best served with everything

A friend told me last night that she admired the way I thought - "logical, but not without emotion" I think it was put. I took it as quite the compliment.

It signalled to me that I've turned my thinking around through an arc enough for others to notice it. Which is a goal i've been meaning to attain since re-launching my personal development project only two short months ago. It quickly reinforced that the "why" of reality is mostly redundant when evaluating any situation you find yourself in.

This week is full on. I need money to buy a bat to bash in the Melbourne Uni Alloc8 system. My "year off" is going to be more pragmatic than I had first anticipated. That's "flexibility" for you, I guess.