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Seeping Into Cracks Forgotten

Yeah, I'm oversaturated...I have a blog or website for nearly every aspect of my life, it seems. I think that in the eventual downfall and disconnection of my former environment, this blog will emerge triumphant. My freakin' monitor has gone and munted all over itself. It's like having myopia of the computer, or something. Owweee. It was startling to look at the images in the wake of Hurricane Katrina today, proving that humanity in it's primal resides everywhere, and is not limited to "non-civilised" states that so many people seem to think exist these days.

Yes, cry all you like, because there's more important questions to be asked: what to make of this blog? (yeah, REAL mature.) A smattering of usual crap with a twist of inner-retard embracing panache? Or something more serious and analytical? A rant about how much metal kicks the shit out of every other musical genre? There's a myriad of possibilities...almost...too many. Have fun yo!


Enter Acheron

Ahh. Freedom. This is my first post away from the decaying auspices of Livejournal, a life I wish I could depart from. This will be a space to air my opinions, witty commentaries (read: shit), thoughts, ideas, ill-concieved concepts and any other general crap that I see fit to post.

Rock Rock on.

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