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Daring To Break The Circuit

In my opinion, friendships, genuine ones at any rate, are built upon three elements; loyalty, honesty and respect. I was told this by a transient acquaintance; endearingly psychotic yet full of wisdom. If I could see him again, I would thank him from the bottom of my heart. If one fails, the other two will falter - they exist symbiotically and are ultimately co-dependent. They check and balance on another until one is thrown asunder and the friendship eventually withers and dies. If you lose loyalty, then trust will be withdrawn - the pillar of honesty is then destroyed. The respect is lost, and any mutually inclusive kindness is transformed almost instantly into hatred. I have observed it many times. One year ago, it would sadden me. Now I realize the nature of what I am being transformed into. I almost weep in the cognizance of it all. Now I resign to the realities the anarchic nature of social interaction - from the conscious and unconscious level - and all bonds that I had reached out so desperately to tie have now been severed; and is merely a raindrop falling forth from the blustery storm of progress. One year ago, I was at the bottom of the pit, feeding on the scraps of strokes long forgotten - almost one year to the day where my self-delusion reached its dizzying height. Now I wish i could have realized what I had done, and what was being done to me. Cést la vie, I guess.

In lighter news, a new web project is coming along quite nicely, and should be live by the end of this year. Hopefully, the triumvirate that is chipping away at it could possibly turn professional - especially with the quality of design and codework that my colleagues are producing. It's quite exciting...and not in the boring uni-student-trying-to-be-mature kind of way either...


Analyzing The Already Exposed Core

I really need a new monitor.

In other news, I have been thinking how social groups operate in relation to transactional analysis, a psychological approach to social interations. And in experience that i've been in, it seems like there is a unconcious core belief that all groups coalesce into, that perpetuates this group mentality long after many of the genuine friendships in their most beneficial sense, have died. Many people in these groups subscribe to overt projective identification, which projects the beliefs of one (X) onto the belief of another (Y) and constructs this person using their own projected thoughts. X may enjoy watching sci-fi with Y, until Y suggests watching a comedy. By projecting X's own love for sci-fi onto Y, they question Y's motives which in reality, run parallel with X's perceptions of Y.

Returning to the core belief system, groups in my view are constructed around a core belief or transaction. In one I have encountered, people band together because they are afraid of rejection and this group provides comfort for them. Another male-dominated group I have encountered is centered around the unconcious approval and cultivation of misogynistic tendencies which is an extension of a possible castration complex (and, it can be said all these males have the aforementioned complex) by mercilessly (and unconciously) poking fun of female sexuality. Another is constructed around an environment of constant validation which will make all members feel "safe" in their own simulated reality in an "I'm OK - You're OK" mentality. Another is accepting of lying and hypocrisy to facilitate members' laviscious conduct in an unquestioning, morally relativistic setting. It's quite interesting to note these things down, and explorations into Psychoanalysis are set to continue. Hopefully I wasn't too off the mark in my lay analyses i've provided. I'm still learning, though.

And in closing, Prince of Persia kicked the shit through Commander Keen. Best, animated sprite, ever.


Seeping Into Cracks Forgotten

Yeah, I'm oversaturated...I have a blog or website for nearly every aspect of my life, it seems. I think that in the eventual downfall and disconnection of my former environment, this blog will emerge triumphant. My freakin' monitor has gone and munted all over itself. It's like having myopia of the computer, or something. Owweee. It was startling to look at the images in the wake of Hurricane Katrina today, proving that humanity in it's primal resides everywhere, and is not limited to "non-civilised" states that so many people seem to think exist these days.

Yes, cry all you like, because there's more important questions to be asked: what to make of this blog? (yeah, REAL mature.) A smattering of usual crap with a twist of inner-retard embracing panache? Or something more serious and analytical? A rant about how much metal kicks the shit out of every other musical genre? There's a myriad of possibilities...almost...too many. Have fun yo!


Enter Acheron

Ahh. Freedom. This is my first post away from the decaying auspices of Livejournal, a life I wish I could depart from. This will be a space to air my opinions, witty commentaries (read: shit), thoughts, ideas, ill-concieved concepts and any other general crap that I see fit to post.

Rock Rock on.

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