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Review: Airbourne - Black Dog Barking (The Big Issue)



There's a review of Airbourne's new/old one in #433 of The Big Issue. There's a feature on Gatsby and some quirky, thought-provoking reads in. Only $6 and help someone in need. Out now.


Article: Top 10 Eurovision Songs That Weren't (TheVine)

After World War II, US Secretary of State George Marshall thought it would be a good idea to help Europe rebuild after six years of demoralising, bitter warfare. Under his economic recovery plan, proud nations would prosper again, resisting the lure of Communism.

Leaders concocted a program to spearhead European technological progress and unity – the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) was born in 1955. "We’ll get Europe to sing", they said. "We’ll broadcast it live across the continent", they said. "It’s a great idea", they said.

No one had the heart to tell them. Read who really didn't.


Article: Senses Fail (HEAVY Magazine)

I talked to Deftone-y hardcore maniac Buddy Nielsen from Senses Fail about psychonaut Joe Rogan, vagina tattoos nicknamed disaffectionately, and music, I guess. There's a couple reviews in there too. Ghost's on the cover. I mean, you can't get more metal than that, can you? Buy it here


Chalky Dani & The Nightcrawlers: A Tale of Empire, Baked Beans, Woe (Hysteria Magazine)

Britain was once a shining empire. Now, it’s a grim, neon-glowing jungle where you can buy baked beans over the counter at a restaurant. For fun. People gawk at CRADLE OF FILTH and wonder “why.” Perhaps the same Britons ought to stare at themselves in the mirror and come up with a worthy reason for shovelling tomato-infused misery down their throats as a leisure activity.

Read this chilling tale at Hysteria mag.


Article: Hysteria Magazine #14 (February/March)


If a tired, grubby copy of Australian Hysteria Magazine #14 isn't resting un-comfortably next to your reverse photosynthesis box right now, then you sir (or ma'am) are missing out. I wrote a pile of copy ten miles high that will also put a smile on your face...just as wide. I got Emilie Autumn (pictured), Scott Ian of thrash mensches Anthrax, Black Veil Brides, Danko Jones, Tomahawk and I'm just getting started. Buy in stores around Oz or swallow one online with your tablet machine.


Note: must be taken as directed, accompanied with a shot of Bonox to the heart.