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Live Review: Devin Townsend Project (Hysteria)

My review of Devin Townsend Project at 170 Russell on 23rd May:

Photo: Elizabeth Kent

Witnessing the brutality Manchester had me seething. I was mad. Mad enough to kill. As editor of this fine publication (which one is that again?), music is kind of a big deal around here. Terror lancing through the heart of music is a counterpoint; a movement set to war.

Those 22 souls cut from their lives that night will never be forgotten. Our tears can’t wash their memories away. I really felt guilty stepping into 170 Russell to enjoy myself at a rock ‘n’ roll show.

The crowd at this first (yet second?) show on Canuck maestro Devin Townsend’s tour was moderate. Punters stood about, sensing there was something off, just about being here.



Devin Townsend: Ziltoid Attacks! (HEAVY Mag)



My interview with Ziltoidian overlord Devin Townsend made the cover of HEAVY Mag #12 last year, my second cover for 2014 (and ever!) My long-form interview got behind the man instead of the effects pedals. It dug deep into his personal struggles, lifting the veil on a life-long process of overcoming his worst, most critical hitting enemy - himself.

You can buy a real live copy here, and download the app on Google Play or iTunes (paid subscription required.)


Hysteria #27 - Digitally Online for Top Speed Access


Embrace luxury. Indulge your senses. Only the best is right for you. You want the hardest of cores. The most anarchic of punx. The screamiest of metal. Embrace the Hysteria lifestyle. The Ghost Inside's Dear Youth fashion, emblematic of the romantic spirit. Devin Townsend's chic strings, boho meets casual. You Me At Six sensuously breading scalding wings for discerning tastes. If it's too loud, good. Experience Hysteria Style

I was also crowned Digital Editor of the place this month. I'd like to say it's more than a licence to mess with their Facebook. Oh well.

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