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Melon Race Sketch #1

Our (Ace and I) first sketch is raring to go on YouTube. A rough draft of what's to come, surely. I learned how to use Adobe Premiere and everything.

Comment, rate and thoroughly rip to shreds!


You and he were...buddies, weren't you?

Watching Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, a timeless cult classic which I thought I had seen to absolute death still cracks me up after watching three times in a row (once with "directors'" commentary.)

I had a good time at the Darkplace party last night; partying 'til 6am felt good again (even if I did take a break during a showing of The Lost Boys.)

I really hope I get one of the jobs i've applied for soon; however K-Rudd doesn't really fill me with confidence. Although I will take his/our money, just for the record.


The Worst Kind

I met a man who could play a song on the piano after listening to only four or five bars last night. He just glanced up to get the feel of it and started playing. He was like a mini Mozart that liked his beer and his utes. Absolutely remarkable. I'm also feeling a bit bruised after some girl started laying into me with mean right hooks before giving me a perfunctory massage. I don't think she liked me very much. I tried to explain to Elyse, my cool American friend how Australians are compelled to live up to their stereotypes on Australia Day as a joke, but there's more truth in that statement than I originally realized. Deport me to UnAustralia if I prefer to fly the flag of rebellion instead.

Now to the oft-neglected realm of metal; why the hell would Ville Laihiala, lead singer of Sentenced form his own band, Poisonblack that sounds almost identical (with the addition of groovier guitars and atmospheric keys)? Oh! To convince his former band to break up so he could steal all the writing credits. Good move, Ville! It's hard for me to hate you because you do what you do so damn well.


Ascendancy Initiate

I went to a party last night: I ate pot cupcakes and tried to convince my satin-lunged and teetotaller mate who also ate said cupcakes was as bent, if not more bent than me. I feel such a hatred for games when I am bent; I appreciate the sublime ever more so and utterly loathe the ridiculous. Its a useful tool for that, I guess. I sort of feel like "Me Plus" in a way. Karen and Anita - I love you both forever for organizing the post-Party breakfast. I could not have asked for anything better.

Now I feel full of M&Ms, twenty-two years old and a million miles away from where I want to be.


To Elyse

You are sweet as.

- Tom