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Grant Us Grace

You know when you've taken something for granted when it's gone. When the flash of thought that signals you to reach for it has to be quelled in remembrance to that which you had. It seems so effortless, obvious when it's there but then it feels all askance when it's not. I upset a friend yesterday, one of the dearest ones I've ever had the privilege to know. Whether my intentions were merely an oversight or not has not changed the result - I've been shunned and condemned regardless.

Over 10 years of friendship buried by a flight of irrationality and an exchange of spite-filled words. Whether I deserve the treatment or not blurs my vision - being accused of being a bad friend when I've done nothing but support her through thick, thin and the gamut in-between hurts to say the least. Whether a nucleus of truth in what she tells me, what she informs me of what I've done (or not) looks to be present or not may indeed be the flash point for a once iron-clad friendship to unravel and burn. I can't help but think that my friend is crying for help, yet pushing me away at the same time. It's so very, very hard to tell. It's hard to live with. I can't beg for forgiveness forever.


Corruption or Reason

It felt like a day that reminded of me the worth of being alive. Going out for curry with Rae, Kris, Gemma and Ash (all of whom couldn't finish their plates...)
So, since we had to obey the Kirae house rules of no drinks after bedtime, Gem and I drove to one of the most opulent mansions I've ever been in. It had French Louis XIV style gilded mirrors, statues of cherubs lining ornate mantlepieces, grand pianos, four-poster beds and for some reason a really shithouse computer. (Rich people have more money than sense) After watching the unbelievably piss-funny hyper-observational humor of Carl Barron, we retired to a grandiose turkish-style bed, draped in huge, soft cushions. It was insane. But comfy as. Such a mint house...

Also, I finally purchased a copy of Science and Sanity after looking for it for so long. I plan to read it again over summer like last time and gain even more insight into GS and how to apply it.

For example:
Intensional definition: needs moar = construct additional pylons!
Extensional definition: needs moar = Open your NetBank. Look at the CR column. The gap between that amount and a car could be considered a definition of the above term.

To my American friends: I implore you to use the new word I created in lieu of "cockblocking." I now use the word "lunchcutsmanship" instead. (e.g. "That was a fine display of lunchcutsmanship")


Actual News

Well, the one event that's still on my lips after almost a week of it having occurred was winning $250 at my local pub trivia night. If you want to play a little Jeopardy, here's the answers: Althorpe Park, Najaf and Glandular Fever. Which lead me to my next not-so-debilitating dilemma - what to spend it on? Obviously it was going straight to the US and A fund, but a nice something to celebrate the chance of the win (as opposed to the "skill") was in order. Thanks to Shai, he alerted me that Readings, a local bookstore has hard-cover copies of my beloved Science and Sanity for sale at reasonable prices, unlike the tear-inducing exchange rate. (61AUc = $1USD, natch.) I have to go to work tomorrow. Isn't playing the work-for-money game just so damned fun?

Although, I do have to give credit to my tutor for shouting our class two rounds of tequila shots. That was awesome. Especially showing up half-pissed to the Buzz Birthday dinner. That was also cool. I guess last Thursday was just an all-round party for me...



I had an eventful weekend that saw me interacting with human people. Here's a rundown:

1. Friday nite at Rae's - always fun. I watched the most insane anime I've ever seen. Half self-reflexive parody and half-"nonsense" style sitcom (think Stephen Chow) that features a rag-tag band of pint-sized yet supaa kawaii alien invaders attempt to take over the planet...when they're not running into mischief and making Gundam models. Kris' new computer was very, very drool worthy. Thanks to Dean for reminding me about the new Cynic's brilliant.

2. A weird night at Hill and Boya's birthday. Lots of drinking and smoking to be had, but some very intense conversations ensued. It felt like I was in a Tarantino film.

I remember having some fantastic philosophical thought on the weekend, but forgot the point of it. I think it was something to do with not sleeping with the town bike and if that makes you unpopular yet unique, but if it had any mention of that in it, its doubtful that I had anything meaningful to say.

Oh, and the ending credits to "Keroro Gunsou" is, like, the funkiest shit ever!


Colored by Booze

"I'm so tired of being lonely
I still have some love to give
Won't you show me that you really care?"
- Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

"LOL No"
- Me

Incident the First:

TOM, NAT and her friends ADAM and SAM are quoting internet memes rather audibly as they walk towards the HI-FI BAR. NAT sees another group of friends and stops to say hello. TOM begins to agitate GOOFY HAIR BLOKE.

Hey guys.

Hey, hows it going!


(to GHB)
What are you looking at and shit?


You heard me. Stop looking at me and shit, I'm just walking here and having a good time and shit and you keep looking at me. What kind of poofter shit is this?


GHB and company walk away.

Fuckin' oath you keep walking.

Incident the Second:

Proceeding from the McDonalds, the group continue their journey unabated. TOM spots a COUPLE making out.

Why don't you get a room and shit?

(disengages from boyfriend)
laughs hysterically


Berserkerfox performed brilliantly again last night. If they aren't signed on the merits of their performances alone, then the recording industry can just piss off. I sincerely hope Rock Hard Entertainment's new show gets off the ground. Andrew and Sarah are cool guys and doesn't afraid of anything