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Living Journalism

Easter holidays. They're pretty rock n' roll. I've lost my ability to write. It's just buried somewhere, waiting for yours truly to get out his shovel and start poking around to find it again.

To LJ users who are DYING to comment on my scintillating journal:

You may do so by using the "OpenID" function. Select LiveJournal from the dropdown box and follow the instructions.

I saw some of my friends over the last few nights and it felt very pleasant. Rock climbing is a thrilling experience - it may yet become my weekly treat!

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Liberation is best served with everything

A friend told me last night that she admired the way I thought - "logical, but not without emotion" I think it was put. I took it as quite the compliment.

It signalled to me that I've turned my thinking around through an arc enough for others to notice it. Which is a goal i've been meaning to attain since re-launching my personal development project only two short months ago. It quickly reinforced that the "why" of reality is mostly redundant when evaluating any situation you find yourself in.

This week is full on. I need money to buy a bat to bash in the Melbourne Uni Alloc8 system. My "year off" is going to be more pragmatic than I had first anticipated. That's "flexibility" for you, I guess.

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