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Devin Townsend: Ziltoid Attacks! (HEAVY Mag)



My interview with Ziltoidian overlord Devin Townsend made the cover of HEAVY Mag #12 last year, my second cover for 2014 (and ever!) My long-form interview got behind the man instead of the effects pedals. It dug deep into his personal struggles, lifting the veil on a life-long process of overcoming his worst, most critical hitting enemy - himself.

You can buy a real live copy here, and download the app on Google Play or iTunes (paid subscription required.)


Interview: Anathema - The Weight of Expectation (HEAVY Mag)

Courtesy HEAVY Magazine

Anathema aren't metal, at least not any more. Why do metalheads still revere them? That's the question pointed straight at Anathema vocalist/guitarist Vincent Cavanagh. His answer? Mined straight from the depths of his heart. Buy the mag here.


Interview: Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land (HEAVY Mag)

Israel's top metal exports Orphaned Land aren't in the music business. They're diplomats, serving a higher purpose. In a special feature for HEAVY Mag, I interview singer Kobi Farhi about the emerging brotherhood of metal in the Middle East. Despite intifada, despite rusted-on hatred and despite being banned all over the Arab world, Kobi and his band have brought Arabs and Jews together with song.

Out now on newsstands. Order HEAVY online, here.