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A Quarter Century of Hysteria (When You're Near) 

This is correct: I get hysterical, hysteria. I can believe it. I can feel it. It's no magical mysteria to me, Joe Elliott. It's like Armageddon way down in my Sugar Rocket. Ehhhh....


So what's in store for your iPhone Android Tablet Glittertron this month? Well, heaps of cool shit. Namely, an in-depth with Breathe Carolina, reflecting red in Cannibal Corpse's hammer-smashed jubilee (25 actual years!), basking in The Offspring's double decade of Smash, getting our Stevie Wonder on with Mikael from Opeth plus jams with Eureka Rebellion Trading, Alestorm, Dragonforce and some bullshit band Tom Hersey likes. (OH I'M BRINGING DAT BEEF)

Click here for links and what not. Oh shit, did I mention it was FREE? Fucken get on to it son.


Interview: Carcass' Jeff Walker thinks I'm a Massive C*** (Hysteria)

The new Hysteria Mag is online and it's fab-u-less. *z-click* Up now for your eyeball pleasure are our withering rock reviews, our legendary, ill-gotten journalistic gems and my interview with Carcass' Jeff Walker - he thinks I'm a proper cunt.

Check out the NEW Hysteria Mag site featuring an exclusive Dream On, Dreamer stream.


Interview: Killswitch Engage - The Hell in Jesse Leach

Jesse Leach doesn't sleep, he screams. He screams in Times Of Grace, Seemless and Empire Shall Fall. Two years ago, he slipped back into something called KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and started screaming for them again too. Fans thrust their arms open in embrace. So much so they excitedly crowned him KsE's homecoming king, forever.

Read more about his GRAMMYs loss, his punk roots and rejoining KSE at Hysteria Mag.



Articles: Hysteria Magazine #20 (Feb/Mar) feat. Mastodon, Periphery and GWAR



Oh my sweet maternal... Well, here's the 20th 'dish of the mighty bold and pink type HYSTERIA Magazine, a magazine of tasteful thickness unrivalled by shitty 60gsm half-matte saddle-stitch rags. A mag of no compromises, hugging or learning. It's the BUMPER Soundwave '14 edition and I snagged sit-downs with Behemoth, Kill Devil Hill, Generation Kill, Iced Earth, Rotting Christ, Periphery, Korn, Gojira, GWAR, Baroness, Mastodon and Howard Jones' new nautically-inclined trio, Devil You Know. You can take a breath now. Out now in digital and analog. Though analog costs more, it smells better.


Interview: Knowing Me, Knowing Ghoul - Ghost (Hysteria)

Much evil. Very ABBA. So anonymous. Here's my interview with A Nameless Ghoul of Ghost ahead of the Big Day Out '14.

Read it at Hysteria Mag online.