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Interview: Citation Needed - Limp Bizkit in Hysteria Magazine #18 (October/November)

I don't fuck around with Fred Durst in the latest Hysteria Mag. I go in dry. For the HARD facts. Like, "why is your twitter background a shoe," for instance. I also accosted Hour of Penance, Behemoth, Death Angel, Gwar, Bring Me The Horizon, Recoil VOR and Max Cavalera of Soulfly. Yes, I'm tired too. Ensure my No-Doz supplies never empty by buying the mag here.

I also sort of don't talk sci-fi and/or drugs with Between the Buried and Me's Paul Waggoner. Don't mention the war, Paul. Oshi-


Articles: Hysteria Magazine #17 (August/September)



I went to Ferntree Gully for this mag. Ferntree Gully. It's a blip on a dot forgotten by dental hygeine and happiness. I saw Bleeding Through there. Hanged with Marta Peterson, who beat me at pool. (On points.) My girlfriend didn't approve of that, but she sure as shit didn't mind my gawking at a near-nude Boris the Blade baring their tattoos. DOUBLE STANDARD MUCH?

As for interviews I upset the legendary Jeff Walker of Carcass, talked BJs with Nile's Karl Sanders and boogied with Elvis and Lucifer via Watain. There's whole lotta other mystical trippy shit in as well. What is it? You'll have to read to find out.

Order a gloss-o-matic edition or purchase with your digital thingy here.


Articles: Thy Art Is Murder & Cattle Decapitation (Hysteria)



Because I'm what we call in Australia...what's the word? A complete fucking idiot I didn't even bother to check the Hysteria website last month. (Sorry Joe-Tobes) Here's two tales live from the shittiest dive bars in Hades:

Thy Art Is Murder, Thy Vocation Is Hate

Travis Ryan's Chicken Wing Buttholesplosion Orchestra

I also got some cool scribblin's in Hysteria #16 with Dark Tranquillity, Bleeding Through and Fear Factory. Get it at your newsagency or online distributor! $9 with FREE POST if you order online? I say buy POST HASTE!

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