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Review: Oceano - Incisions (Beat)

Within 30 seconds of slipping this disc into my CD player I felt an urge. I just wanted to call Oceano up and tell them to stop.

Did I call them? Read on at Beat Mag.



Interview: Every Time I Die (The Brag)

Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley once felt he was paying for mistakes made in past lives. Bolting over personal hurdles, Buckley and his merchants of metalcore masala will blow the minds of us antipodean types, appearing on Aussie soil for the second time this year.

Read more at The Brag.


Live Review: Dead Letter Circus (Hysteria)

DLC’s Hi-Fi Bar gig in Melbourne might've been the ultimate gathering of Dead Letter Circus faithful. After lights went down? Invasion of the n00bs. When The Catalyst Fire dropped, DLC charmed the mainstream. New fans aplenty climbed aboard DLC’s crystal starship. Are they screeching toward Aussie rock stardom's top tier? If it wasn’t euthanised, Hey Hey, It's Saturday! would’ve booked them for a two-song spot. Australia’s Guy Smiley, Daryl Somers, would’ve introduced them with requisite clueless enthusiasm. That’s one heck of a big fucking deal.

Read the rest over at


Interview: Cannibal Corpse (Invisible Oranges)

Unbeknownst to my pretty ole self, an interview I did with Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse appeared on the thinking metalhead's metal blog Invisible Oranges.

They even mocked up a cool graphic and all!

Read an in-depth Q&A with a photo of Alex Webster, overlaid with the fog of ancients.


Music Journalism 101 by Leticia Mooney - OUT NOW!


A heads up to any and all music writers; erudite editor and wunderkind writer Leticia Mooney's new book is OUT NOW! It's available as a paperback and eBook. It's the definitive resource for new and established writers. It was an honour and a privilege to write the introduction. Cheers Tish! Get your copy at Amazon here.

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