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Interview: Don Fernando (Beat)


Ass-shakin' stoner fuzz-rockers Don Fernando are taking point at this year's Cherry Rock, their homecoming from a wild and successful South American tour. Read all about it in Beat Magazine #1417, found in pubs, clubs and watering holes all over Melbourne.


Brazen rock attack on train scares passengers

A commuter train was pummeled by projectiles in what appeared to be a coordinated attack near Toorak in Melbourne’s inner suburbs at approximately 8:30PM on Sunday.

The train’s power was cut and halted before a gang of unidentified attackers hurled rocks and other materials at the train smashing windows along its entire length, frightening passengers.

Commuters were forced to take cover as heavy objects pelted the windows in near darkness. A few passengers immediately telephoned police. Some on the train believed a gang of over five individuals used makeshift weaponry to inflict the damage.

It was unclear whether the train was targeted specifically.

Shattered glass littered the interior of the train and was taken out of commission at Flinders Street Station. No injuries were immediately reported. Metro Train attendants made no attempts to ascertain passenger welfare upon arrival.

Metro Trains was contacted for comment at the time of writing; none has been forthcoming.