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Review: Gay Paris - Ladies And Gentlemen, May We Present To You: The Dark Arts (Beat)

Remember this proverb? "Metalheads don't dance, it's why they head bang." Not true, not any more. With a deep focus on arse-shaking grooves, Gay Paris play burlesque metal. It's not without precedent; think of bands like Danko Jones, Diablo Swing Orchestra, and Queens of the Stone Age to a degree. But I'll be damned if anyone does it better than Gay Paris.



Hysteria #36 - SLAYER: Shows No Mercy for Haters


I should really update this blog more often. You'd think I'm dead otherwise. I'd be dead and someone would throw a cheap funeral. Uhh...

In this METAL...ALIVE! Edition of Hysteria, I had an epic sit down (phone down) with Tom Araya of the incomparable SLAYER. With the passing of Jeff Hanneman, they resolved to complete Repentless. Now that's done...what's next? Find out...

I also wrote a MAMMOTH feature on the Future of Heavy Metal, featuring insights from Soilwork, Bullet For My Valentine and Devin Townsend.

Chuck us a download, hey? It's free!


Hysteria Hardened The F--k Up Edition #32


I know, I'm so slack at updating this damn thing. But mate, putting together a mag, running a copywriting business and maintaining THIS level of excellence is tough yakker. BUT - you can smack your eye-gob around Issue #32 of Hysteria, featuring DEEZ NUTS (lol) on the front. I uncovered the GREAT BONOX SWINDLE from King Parrot, got to know unsmashed pumpkins Helloween and bonded over Maco stuff with Billy Gould of Faith No More. Weird, hey.

It's FREE - 1000000% FREE, holmes. Get it.



Devin Townsend: Ziltoid Attacks! (HEAVY Mag)



My interview with Ziltoidian overlord Devin Townsend made the cover of HEAVY Mag #12 last year, my second cover for 2014 (and ever!) My long-form interview got behind the man instead of the effects pedals. It dug deep into his personal struggles, lifting the veil on a life-long process of overcoming his worst, most critical hitting enemy - himself.

You can buy a real live copy here, and download the app on Google Play or iTunes (paid subscription required.)


The Top 10 of Metal (and Mosh!) 2014

I have real trouble defining the parameters of my 2014 list. Swinging low on my Digital Editor perch at Hysteria Mag, I’ve kinda sorta found myself not hating a lot of the stuff thrown across my table. Punk and hardcore. Metalcore and deathcore. Rockcore and Applecore. “Fuck it,” I said, downing another cup of coffee-flavoured battery acid, “I’ll add whatever bullshit I want to my list.”

A long pause. Heavy silence. I turn to a non-existent camera. Straight down the barrel, I intone:

“Cos it’s my fuckin’ list.”

Adhering to my own editorial advice of “omit needless words!” Here's year’s musical journey summed up in one DELUXE page. So here we go:



1. Sleepwave - Broken Compass 

Spencer Chamberlain saved rock n’ roll. He did it not only with great tunes, but courage.

2. Decapitated - Blood Mantra

Growing tired of death metal is easy. Decapitated settle for nothing less than perfection. Blood Mantra is that perfection.

3. Gazpacho - Demon

Classifying this one is like expressing frustrations in an arcane tongue. Prog rock that's simple, haunting, beautiful. Jan Henrik-Ohme's androgyne vocals transcend music as's a language of humanity.

4. Killer Be Killed - Killer Be Killed

Metal supergroup? Well that'll be shit. Wait, no. It's the polar opposite of shit.

5. A Breach of Silence - The Darkest Road

Metal and 'core will never find a more perfect chimera. Go home, Iron Maiden tee wearing fuckboys; your shit is OVER.

6. Amplifier - Mystoria

Pure rock delivered in a punch through your ear box. They trip on shrooms, they love big riffs, they kick total ass. Cat's Cradle is a rock masterpiece.

7. Goatwhore - Constricting Rage of the Merciless

Recorded on analogue, crushing as always. Goatwhore with Erik Rutan producing is unstoppable. It's hinted with real imitation crazy, feeling oh so frighteningly satisfying.

8. Pallbearer - Foundations of Burden

"Doom" has been hijacked by skinny-tee wearing SJWs set on finding life's answers in the back of a Foucault book. Fuck them. This is the real shit. No trust funds, no saviours.

9. Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen

A late entry, but adding psychedelic touches and stoner jammin' really bumped them up the list. Primordial are ALWAYS God tier. This proves it.

10. Voyager  - V

If Australia has one metal export you should be spruiking incessantly (apart from King Parrot) it's Voyager. Prog metal's been sucking its own dick since Scenes from a Memory. Voyager bravely fly free outta prog's masturbatory hugbox. Keep it up, boys and girl.

Honourable Mentions:

Gold Award: Soen - Tellurian

Remember when Tool and Opeth were the only "prog metal" masters back in the winter of 2000? Imagine if they combined. Perfectly.

Silver Award: KXM - KXM

Metal supergroups seem to be kickin' major ass, and KXM is no exception. Down home blues and rock sung with Dug Pinnick's "I been around some" heart and soul. Can't beat that.

Bronze Award: Audrey Horne – Get Heavy

Are we absolutely sure the ghosts of Phil Lynott and Gary Moore aren't cutting these?

The Near Misses:

  • Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun
  • DZ Deathrays - Black Rat
  • Agalloch - The Serpent and the Sphere
  • Anathema - Distant Satellites
  • Aversions Crown - Tyrant
  • Desecration - Cemetary Sickness
  • St. Vincent - St. Vincent
  • The Amity Affliction - Let The Ocean Take Me
  • Darkest Era - Severance
  • Devin Townsend Project - Sky Blue
  • Crosses - +++
  • At the Gates - At War With Reality