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I bought Struttin' by The Meters as on a re-issued vinyl today. I finally have dirty, funky and soulful gettin' it on music that isn't Lordi, for once.

Oh, and the new Ayreon blows everything else away, too! Gildenlow, Kursch, Englund and Renske over TWO progariffic could just crack my yet to be definitive Top 10. Really!


Doggmatic Cinema

I was perusing the local supermarket catalog today and chanced upon their "bargain DVD" section which was advertising the sale of this film:

. As highly conceptual and intriguing as this tale of canine triumphs over adversity and biology doesn't sound, I actually want to fork out the $12.97 to witness such Z-grade motivational shlock that wouldn't even pacify the kids its supposedly meant to entertain - purely for the fact that someone (or some people) financed its eventual creation. (It also comes with Soccer Dog: European Cup! Trans-continental mayhem ensues!) Berserkerfox is my new favorite band. I will be writing their book when they've done too many women, beers and c-c-c-cocaine, struggling to reflect on such a sinful yet satisfying heavy metal career. Clean living is for chumps!

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