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Review: Mastodon - Once More 'Round The Sun (The Big Issue)

I reviewed Mastodon's new trip-a-delic opus Once More 'Round The Sun for The Big Issue this fortnight. There were no survivors. (tl;dr? Fuckin' go get it. NOW.) Get it here or on the street for $6. Every vendor gets half to help them out of homelessness and long-term unemployment.


Hysteria Digi-Mag #22 (or is that #1?) May Edition



In today's broke ass society, you need things cheaper. So the brainiacs at Hysteria Magazine decided paying money for our lowly rag meant paying too damn much. If you can stow Instagram away for more than fifteen seconds, you can download our mag FREE to your phone or tablet (or phablet, if you're the most annoying ding-dong ever) and read it while waiting for your bus to Centerlink. WHILE YOU STILL CAN, YOU WORK SHY FREELOADER! Oh shit, I

In this ish, I almost sort of tour Zakk Wylde's Black Vatican, sleuth out Killer Be Killed's Fish Taco Incident, slobber over the ravishing Simone Simons massive Epica balls, dig mad crates with DevilDriver's Dez and get cozy with Devil You Know. Pretty sure that's it.

For stupid fucking iPhone: App Store
For superior Android technology: Google Play


Interview: Killswitch Engage - The Hell in Jesse Leach

Jesse Leach doesn't sleep, he screams. He screams in Times Of Grace, Seemless and Empire Shall Fall. Two years ago, he slipped back into something called KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and started screaming for them again too. Fans thrust their arms open in embrace. So much so they excitedly crowned him KsE's homecoming king, forever.

Read more about his GRAMMYs loss, his punk roots and rejoining KSE at Hysteria Mag.



Interview: Dark Tranquillity (Beat) + Down & GWAR


It's been a long time between Aussie beers for Dark Tranquillity, bearers of Gothenburg's melodic death torch. Nine years is a long time. "We're sorry we've been absent for so long," says their flame-maned vocalist, Mikael Stanne. "We can't wait. It's going to be awesome," Mikael muses on the upcoming tour. "Hopefully we can make it up to you guys."

Watch me lose my geek shit with Mikael at

Also: A chat with Philip H. Anselmo of Down

And: GWAR's Oderus Urungus almost declares war on the Netherlands


Interview: Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land (HEAVY Mag)

Israel's top metal exports Orphaned Land aren't in the music business. They're diplomats, serving a higher purpose. In a special feature for HEAVY Mag, I interview singer Kobi Farhi about the emerging brotherhood of metal in the Middle East. Despite intifada, despite rusted-on hatred and despite being banned all over the Arab world, Kobi and his band have brought Arabs and Jews together with song.

Out now on newsstands. Order HEAVY online, here.

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