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Why don't you just ask her yourself?

"You shone a light on my life / now I'm just sentimental" - Biffy Clyro - Semi-Mental

Saw the monumental and frenetic Biffy Clyro at the Hi-Fi. It was an unusual experience, in the literal interpretation of the term - so accustomed to black-clad metalheads with long hair and little regard for personal safety, I found it completely refreshing to stand in a crowd with a metal t-shirt (if you can call Limozeen metal) and be a bit of an individual. The power trio sizzled through a killer set, despite the power going off half way through one of my favorite songs! Heavy enough to melt your face but still catchy and raucous to get everyone jumpin'. The Scottish ex-pat/backpacker crowd was out in full force - I heard accents everywhere and met one bloke who had been backpacking since last May but hadn't gone to any Aussie gigs until that day!

On the way home, the Taxis were on strike to protest against conditions as one driver was stabbed. Leaving the gig that night (in a taxi, funnily enough) the mob was still camped on the intersection of Swanston and Flinders st. when I went back into work the following morning, decrying the Victoria Police for not adequately protecting them (although vigilantly patrolling the perimeter for exactly that reason) It was bizzare to see so many taxis lined up the entire length of Swanston St. without moving an inch.

Beat Magazine? Your reign of Wikipedia-sourced terror will end soon enough!


Asleep With the Lights On

Saw Porcupine Tree at the Palace Theater - well, the Metro - you can change an extensional meaning to anything you like, but it won't stop people calling it something else. Steven Wilson is like a almighty shredding monk from the Borough. Serene, yet volatile. The band played some almighty riffs, exciting the mostly metal-based crowd, fascinated by his work (presumably) he has done with Opeth and possibly OSI and Orphaned Land. ORWarrioR is hotly anticipated in my books!

Went out for Kount Kris™ Midnite Curry, which is delicious as always, as are the conversations. I think my studies on general semantics and such have really sort of coalesced now. I'm also quite proud of myself for lifting myself up and getting my journalism career up and running. (The interview with Dillinger Escape Plan went well, but I could barely understand anything he was saying!) I just gotta figure out my next move on this front though.

I was watching Season 2 of Man Stroke Woman the other day and it really struck me how deceptively simple the humor was. If you watch the clip below, its sort of like a long, drawn out train wreck: British style. One of the fundamental essences of British humor is faux pas and what would seem to be gross breaches of etiquette (Don't mention the war, Major) and another is laughing at another's misery. Listen to the dialog (I know - humor analyzed is no longer funny) and the sting in the tail, there's actually nothing really "funny" about it.



I bought Struttin' by The Meters as on a re-issued vinyl today. I finally have dirty, funky and soulful gettin' it on music that isn't Lordi, for once.

Oh, and the new Ayreon blows everything else away, too! Gildenlow, Kursch, Englund and Renske over TWO progariffic could just crack my yet to be definitive Top 10. Really!

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