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A Quarter Century of Hysteria (When You're Near) 

This is correct: I get hysterical, hysteria. I can believe it. I can feel it. It's no magical mysteria to me, Joe Elliott. It's like Armageddon way down in my Sugar Rocket. Ehhhh....


So what's in store for your iPhone Android Tablet Glittertron this month? Well, heaps of cool shit. Namely, an in-depth with Breathe Carolina, reflecting red in Cannibal Corpse's hammer-smashed jubilee (25 actual years!), basking in The Offspring's double decade of Smash, getting our Stevie Wonder on with Mikael from Opeth plus jams with Eureka Rebellion Trading, Alestorm, Dragonforce and some bullshit band Tom Hersey likes. (OH I'M BRINGING DAT BEEF)

Click here for links and what not. Oh shit, did I mention it was FREE? Fucken get on to it son.


Interview: Anathema - The Weight of Expectation (HEAVY Mag)

Courtesy HEAVY Magazine

Anathema aren't metal, at least not any more. Why do metalheads still revere them? That's the question pointed straight at Anathema vocalist/guitarist Vincent Cavanagh. His answer? Mined straight from the depths of his heart. Buy the mag here.


Hysteria's Cool Digital Mag for Attractive People (July '14)

Where Hysteria goes, debauchery follows. All us scribes ought to be tossed in jail for crimes. Which crimes? Just...crimes. In this new FREE AS THE AIR YOU BREATHE edition, Suicide Silence button-mash fly-kick the cover. Is it a cover? Or just a "welcome page?" The philisophical discussions this transition to digital throws up. Man. I shook down Ben Falgoust (the Second) for a spooky Goatwhore dish, talked mad records with Benji from Skindred and got intimate with Rich Ward and Chris Jericho from Fozzy. For about two hours. I <3 Rich. So much. You can also find a chat with Chelsea Grin about maturity and all things fun. Get it on ye olde Appool appe shoppe or the cutting-edge techno-mage inspired Google Play Store.


Interview: Danny Estrin of Voyager (The Brag)

I caught up with Danny Estrin of prog metal powerhouses Voyager discussing Kickstarter not as the new black, but as the new musical revolution. Read more at The Brag.


Review: DZ Deathrays - Black Rat (The Big Issue)



Grab a Maiden t-shirt and some dance shoes, cos thrash poppers DZ Deathrays are getting caught in a nightclub mosh. Read this review and a whole bunch of brilliant, hair-raising reads in The Big Issue #458. (Prof. Brian Cox is on the cover! Space nerds, rejoice!)  Read online, or buy from a vendor around Australia. Half of the cover price helps the homeless and long-term unemployed.