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On the Heavy Session at 11PM AEDT @ 3CR and online



I'm a fan of this "metal" music the kids crow about these days. So I'm going on the air to serve it to them, hot and fast!

Together with James, we're putting on a Fully Greek Mate special honoring the Rotting Christ Aussie tour. Two solid hours of metal, meze and awful, awful accents. Tune in online or 855AM 3CR in Melbourne at 11PM AEDT!


Interview: Knowing Me, Knowing Ghoul - Ghost (Hysteria)

Much evil. Very ABBA. So anonymous. Here's my interview with A Nameless Ghoul of Ghost ahead of the Big Day Out '14.

Read it at Hysteria Mag online.


Review: Caulfield - Vanity (Beat)


Sydneysiders Caulfield enter their debut, Vanity, to a packed out and ever filling hardcore scene.  It squeezes in snugly, too. Searing, pounding guitars anchor Amity Affliction-checking vocals penned in A Letter to Myself One Year Ago. Machine beats pulse through Sour Grapes, raging against the dwindling dubstep light. Their middle runs on a hamster wheel of alternating clean/scream vocals and obligatory breakdowns. They hop off, cobbling ‘90s pop-punk off cuts into Something from Nothing. A danceable G.Y.S.T holds the line as only their last handful of cuts do any advancing.

Are they victorious?



Interview: Mutiny (Beat)

Mutiny are like living pieces of Melbourne's underground history. They pioneered a unique folk-punk sound, decades ahead of acts like Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello, or The Go-Set. Now they're looking back on a 22-year career.

Read the rest at


Review: Oceano - Incisions (Beat)

Within 30 seconds of slipping this disc into my CD player I felt an urge. I just wanted to call Oceano up and tell them to stop.

Did I call them? Read on at Beat Mag.