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Review: Regurgitator - Dirty Pop Fantasy (Beat)


About 15 years ago, satirical news source The Onion warned we may be running out of past to recycle. With artists like Lana Del Rey and Mumford and Sons in the mainstream, The Onion was right. What's offered is oh-so-serious rehash, seemingly forgoing fun when exalting kitsch.

Regurgitator didn't forget. This record is Ben Ely and Quan Yeomans' wild laboratory of pop music that almost was, unconstrained by coked-up label execs or A&R fluffers.

Engage max fantasy setting at


Interview: Cannibal Corpse (Invisible Oranges)

Unbeknownst to my pretty ole self, an interview I did with Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse appeared on the thinking metalhead's metal blog Invisible Oranges.

They even mocked up a cool graphic and all!

Read an in-depth Q&A with a photo of Alex Webster, overlaid with the fog of ancients.


Music Journalism 101 by Leticia Mooney - OUT NOW!


A heads up to any and all music writers; erudite editor and wunderkind writer Leticia Mooney's new book is OUT NOW! It's available as a paperback and eBook. It's the definitive resource for new and established writers. It was an honour and a privilege to write the introduction. Cheers Tish! Get your copy at Amazon here.


Interview: DevilDriver (Beat)


Dez Fafara is one of metal's most tireless workers. He tours for years at a time, achingly leaving his family behind. For Winter Kills, he put his family first by recording at home and he explains that it yielded unforeseen results.

Read more from my 3rd ever chat with Mr. Dez Fafara here.


Review: letlive. - The Blackest Beautiful (Beat)


Is letlive., along with its pouty insistence of lowercase style, the new sound of teen rebellion? Kids are fodder at the cult of rock. Like life, rock promises so much. It embodies fists to the jaw of the man, unlimited sex beyond all moral decency and uncompromising freedom. Ultimately, our bellies are left empty, fed on hope. What about letlive.?

Read more here.

I also pinned down Dez from DevilDriver for a pow-wow in Beat #1382. Read it at the pub while you're waiting for your lazy mates to arrive.

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