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Leading You Astray

Take this sentence - "talk to your dog as if it were cheese." It came to me in a dream. You probably have experienced such things yourself. It appears as an essentially meaningless phrase. If you have no dog it becomes invalid. If you have never spoken to cheese before, it becomes invalid. Your mind cannot reconcile what is not there, or what has not been experienced. It can only give approximations, inferences, verisimilitudes, etc. Although we do this all the time. This is an example of a map without a territory. A lot of people I've talked to navigate territories with invalid maps. A conversation between an acquaintance of mine who had misread a verbal map I had given her long ago was re-read back to me, which I quickly realized did not reflect the territory.

This act and this act alone, cemented firmly in my understanding after months of searching and learning, the nature of the subjective experience and the consciousness of abstraction. I feel as if I am making remarkable epiphanies every day.

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Can't Hold On

I was reading in Scientific American Mind that some genetic traits are predisposed toward depression, violence and attention deficit disorder. All of them are fairly debilitating illnesses, but it got me thinking - is ADD really that bad? I have some friends who have ADD and they're pretty cool guys. But is our surplus of attention just forcing us toward shit that isn't very interesting? I think the ADD guys are on to something here - there's a lot of crap out there that doesn't hold my gaze for more than about fifteen seconds, be it reality TV, horrible pop songs or people banging on about what kind of new crap is good for doing some sort of shit more efficiently/timely/cooler than previously. Hell, I couldn't stay still in my Cinema Studies screenings back in the day for more than about half an hour before I believed I could find something better to do.

But seriously - these guys are definitely on to something and it's definitely awesome.

My editor does some bastard things sometimes - first he doesn't print my interview (without repeated queries for a sufficient explanation) and expects another literary masterpiece by Saturday? Sleep deprivation? JUST BRING IT

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I Want Out

Getting up in the morning with a purpose is excruciating. I actually liked being wayward and full of choice. Curse this modern world we live in. I need to be a bit more...bold from now on. I'm only half-way sane and the world is boxing my ears in. I'm a faithless man, but the good book inspires so much from me I need to take it with me wherever I go... how irrational is that! (although I know I've seen worse. Much, much worse. Rae's daily rating system notwithstanding.)

Commuters are such polite, boring people. Remind me never to commute ever again. Easter holidays? JUST BRING IT

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Flogging Who?

I'm interviewing Flogging Molly on Friday. Which is great. But what should I ask them?

Also picked up Steps to an Ecology of Mind by Gregory Bateson. He studied as a Korzybski influenced Anthropologist, psychologist, evolutionary biologist and epistemologist. Apparently there's nothing he couldn't do - well, attempt, at any rate.

Might be joining this cult-like AIESEC organization, apparently geared towards "unlocking potential" and "personal development." Some of their members' knowledge of influence techniques was impressive. If its free, how bad could it be?


Liberation is best served with everything

A friend told me last night that she admired the way I thought - "logical, but not without emotion" I think it was put. I took it as quite the compliment.

It signalled to me that I've turned my thinking around through an arc enough for others to notice it. Which is a goal i've been meaning to attain since re-launching my personal development project only two short months ago. It quickly reinforced that the "why" of reality is mostly redundant when evaluating any situation you find yourself in.

This week is full on. I need money to buy a bat to bash in the Melbourne Uni Alloc8 system. My "year off" is going to be more pragmatic than I had first anticipated. That's "flexibility" for you, I guess.