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Academic work

Tom Valcanis has produced not only exemplary quality journalism but academic work. He completed his BA from The University of Melbourne with a major in Political Science and International Relations in 2009. In 2011 he gained entry to Monash University's Master of Communication and Media Studies program. Tom was accepted into the honors equivalency thesis program reserved for the top 10% of students mid-way through Semester 1, usually only recommended to students upon the completion of first year study.

He undertook a thesis entitled Rock Sells Out?: Australian rock journalism – cultural creation, industry influence and electronic evolution. Shepherded by Dr. Tony Moore, the thesis explores the history of rock journalism and criticism contextualizing it in the modern age, asking; is the rock journalism of today merely in the service of publicists?

The thesis charts the interplay between public relations and rock journalism, the technology that drives both rock music and its associated media and examines rock journalism as a field of cultural production. It also contains a short case study on "fan" journalism and its impact on Heavy Metal online journalism in Australia, one of the first ever scholarly examinations of this field.

You can download it here.

During his masters candidature, he was published in the peer-reviewed academic journal ETC: A Review of General Semantics for an article entitled "An iPhone in Every Hand: Media Ecology, Communication Structures, and the Global Village."

In 2012, Tom had the opportunity to write the introduction to Music Journalism 101 by Leticia Mooney (nee Supple). You can purchase the first edition on Amazon.

Tom is a member of the Golden Key Honour Society - Monash Chapter.